Monday, June 30, 2008

Domain Advice - Selection and Keywords are Crucial to Findability

I read this article written by Derrick Sorel at,I found this to be very interesting and decided to post this on my blog.

We had a client who recently came to us, that already had a website, (that had no search engine pull whatsoever) and his IT person told him that he should just set up the blog off the website, since they had the server space. He wanted to install the blog as a sub-folder or sub-directory of his website (such as www yourblog).I believe this IS NOT a good idea. We always recommend that the blog stand alone, with it's own unique domain name, that effectively uses keywords to "pull" new eyes to your business. Let's say this clients website was named www. -and let's say they are Chicago divorce attorneys.

Blogs are powerful tools that can be found and indexed by search engines 10 times better than websites, due to the simplicity of the coding and the freshness of the content. Let your blog be the workhorse to bring new eyes to your business. And let your website be the selling tool. You want your blog name to reflect at least one, if not two or three, keywords related to your services or business. In their case, we recommended something like www.

In their case, we recommended something like www. People are usually searching for information and answers. You want to bring new eyes to your business, who do not yet know you exist!

Also, avoid words that are difficult to spell or easily misspelled.Don't use abbreviations.When registering your domain, more than 1 year is better. Most registrars will offer a discount for multiple year registrations. It is believed that search engines seem to trust domains registered for the long-term.

So think carefully when choosing your domain and setting up your blog!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Can you make money at network marketing?

Did you know that some of the most successful companies in the world,are network marketing companies.The World's 2 largest cosmetic companies, Avon and Mary Kay, are both network marketing companies.
Something that really caught my attention was that one person out of six in Japan participate in Network Marketing,also the number of marketeers in the USA has doubled in the past seven years, That's just incredible!!
Something that makes internet marketing so appealing in todays world,is the fact that for about the cost of dinner for two or a movie, you can have your very own home based business.Many people in todays world, with the cost of living being so high just can't afford to start there own brick and mortar business.
Many of the most famous business tycoons Donald Trumph, Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzer, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet,They all know the power of network marketing and what it can do for a business and most important it can make an individual very successful.
Tivo and other DVR's allow consumers to eliminate commercials entirely - People are becoming numb to the marketing of major companies and would rather deal with people they know or know of. More and more companies are using network marketing to distribute there products in todays business world because of this, they are also using more advertising revenue for marketing on the interenet, as more people are going online for buying products through online shopping. Online advertising to say the least is HUGE
If your thinking about a home based business, network marketing may be just for you, considering the cost of starting a business and the millions of people you can, advertise too, on the internet with your home based business.The company that I have found to be the most reliable and pays its marketeers well, is a network marketing program,that is a must for any new marketeer or seasoned pro to take a look at, I think you will be amaized how well this program really works and treats its marketeers. Click here for more details.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Four Great Ways To Get All Fired Up And Take Life By The Horns!

I found this interesting article and have no idea who wrote it but it makes alot of sense. A Lot of People in Life Never Have a Really Strong Desire to Do the Things that Will Get Them to the Top of the Heap. Here Are Four Ways to Put Motivation into Your Life Right Now.
These are the people you hear complaining about how Donald Trump and Paris Hilton are living the lives they should be having, instead of being a manager at Starbucks. They lost that fire in life that every successful business person or celebrity has burning in them at all times.

1. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS As long as you have established realistic goals that you really want to attain in life, this is one of the biggest ways to ensure you really want that goal. Specifically, it is a technique that requires you to take the biggest risk of your life, no matter what the outcome. Here are some really good examples: You just started your own business five months ago, but you have not yet quit your job because you love having that measly paycheck coming to you every week for a “backup plan” in case your business does not take off. Guess what? Your business will not take off anyway because you are so weak in your commitment to your own business that you spend more time at your “real job” than on your self employed business. Huge mistake!

2 FEED YOUR MIND WITH MOTIVATING INFORMATION EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK No matter what your hard to reach goal is, you need to constantly motivate yourself with audio books, seminars, web sites and magazines that teach you specific ways to accomplish that goal. If you want to be an actor, take an acting class, if you want to be an author, buy three writing manuals at Amazon. Every single day you must fill up your mind with inspirational speeches from people who are experts in your field of endeavor, no matter how you’d like to receive those messages. Buy books from authors like Dale Carnegie and Deepak Chopra who can really put the value of true motivation into black and white terminology. No matter if you just want to lose weight or stop smoking, having access to a daily dosage of learning tools and motivational information is a major stepping stone to get the fire in your belly growing.

3. TURN ALL THE NEGATIVE ENERGY IN YOUR LIFE TO POSITIVE ENERGY Has your mood ever changed from a decent, fun-loving attitude to a deep and dark mood instantly because of that news story you saw on NBC about the genocide in Darfur, or an article you read about a killer tornado wiping out a small town in Kansas from the local newspaper? Mass media makes their fortune on spreading every possible bad news story to every media outlet known to man. Quit watching network news every night that drones on about how many soldiers were killed in Iraq today, or how global warming will kill us all ten years from now. Television networks know that salacious and negative news stories are what most of the general public eats up with a spoon. Don’t be the average Joe on the street.A sure fire way to get to a real positive point in your life is to do the things you really enjoy without thought of the cost, such as seeing a concert you really are looking forward to, or spending time with family members you have not seen in years. Another way is by cleaning up your cluttered office or bedroom, and filing your invoices in a more efficient filing system than that mail bin that they are currently in, will bring a sense of a more enhanced structure to your life. That more structured environment brings a sense of contentment to your overall demeanor, thus giving you that positive energy flow that is vitally needed for your ultimate success in life.

4 DON’T DELAY ONE DAY MORE TO ACHIEVE THAT DAUNTING GOAL Again, I am saving the best motivation tool for last. A really good example of what I am describing would be to examine what would be the best result of someone trying to quit smoking? The answer would be that the person stops for good, right? That being the case, the person who really wants to quit does one thing: As soon as he makes up his mind that he will quit, he takes all the cigarettes in his possession and throws them away and never again buys or smokes another one. Going “cold turkey” has been proven to be the best way to give up smoking, and you should do the same thing no matter what your goal is.

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