Monday, April 28, 2008

Another interesting article on Google me the movie

I found an interesting article written by Janet Meiners on the marketing pilgrim.Jims movie is really getting known fast!!An Google vanity search launched a movie idea for a filmmaker named Jim Killeen. He searched Google on his name to see what came up. This was two years ago and Killeen’s life was feeling empty. He was 38 and single. So after taking interest in the other Jim Killeen’s of the world, he decided to contact them and make a movie about what he learned.
He put everything on the line to make documentary about his journey which is now showing on YouTube and called, “Google Me The Movie.” Killeen doesn’t say how much he spent traveling and filming the documentary, only that he almost went bankrupt doing it. Making money doesn’t seem to be the point anyway.
Google is part of the movie - it uses Google Earth and he got permission to use Google’s name. He even has footage of Google employees response to his movie in the film. But what he was really after is a connection with others. Google might give information but it’s actual human interaction that makes that information meaningful.
We may tell all on our personal blogs but in real life be lonely and that is news in our society. This story about revealing your personal life online, made the front page of The New York Times. Google Me’s story made the Washington Post.
Killeen’s journey was sort of like live blogging. He convinces seven other Jim Killeen’s to share personal details of their lives on camera. Then he flies them all to Texas for some male bonding.Killeen has the perfect name for his idea - not too common or too obscure. It’s surprising the variety of people Killeen meets - from a priest (who has enough decorum to avoid questions about the type of underwear he wears) to a swinger (who is quite open about his lifestyle).
What have you found when you Google your name and what was your response. I’ve used it to remember my accomplishments and as a pick me up. There aren’t any other “Janet Meiners” that I know of. So I’m going to have to seek connections another way - like blogger lunches. Like Killeen I meet a lot of my new friends first online - then in real life.


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